Elizabeth’s background is in all aspects of international communications, marketing and strategic planning consulting.

She founded and developed EBayles Associates in 1996, working as an advisor in both one-on-one advisement capacities and through a worldwide network of business and political partnerships. Through EBayles Associates, she helps thought leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs of early stage “game changing” ventures and dynamic companies to positively enhance reputation and gain the visibility needed to fuel growth.

Her talent is making connections. She can “link up” cross pollinating ideas across divergent disciplines and sectors, facilitate cooperation between many people in government and business in an efficient way, and has developed a myriad of multimillion dollar alliances and long term investment in Mexico, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Japan, Germany and Russia.

She has a strong sense of community and seeks out areas of collaboration where education, security, and environmental causes and technology collide, driving messaging and brand enforcement programs for companies in the cleantech, renewable energy, security, emerging information & communication technologies and new media and entertainment sectors.

Formerly, a communications specialist and multi-national liaison overseeing educational and environmental projects for the United Nations in Geneva and Paris, she began her career with Burton Halpern, a pioneer in International Public Relations in Israel representing clients in the banking, leading technologies, tourism and diamond institute and overseeing media coverage of the Peace Talks.

Born in England, she holds a BS in Developmental Psychology and a MS in Psychology & Communications from Royal Holloway College, University of London, England.

She has lived and worked in London, England; Geneva, Switzerland; Paris, France and Tel Aviv, Israel. Currently residing in New York, she now divides her time between New York and Mexico.




Since 2013, Veronica has been collaborating and partnering on various projects with EBayles Associates helping foreign clients expand into Mexico and Mexican clients expand into the U.S.

She always has a willingness to say yes and work hard and wonderful things happen when she gets involved in projects.

She was not an active member of a political party in Mexico. It was because she was willing to say yes, volunteer and work hard for an aspiring politician, she achieved her accomplishments and position in his administration.

From 2005 to 2012, Veronica served on President Felipe Calderon’s Presidential Fund Raising Campaign, Transition Team and as the Director of Public Relations in his Administration supporting the Office charged with monitoring the Presidential Executive Agreements. She was the Primary point of contact on public information matters and protocols regarding international Presidential visits to foreign countries.

Prior to this, she worked at the Mexican Investment Board (MIB) liaising with foreign investors and organizing Mexican delegations at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland for four consecutive years.

She also held various positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mexican Business Council for International Affairs (CEMAI) and is responsible for the organization of bilateral business meetings between Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mexico.

She holds a Law Degree from Law Faculty of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)



Vanesa has been collaborating with EBayles Associates since January 2017.

She has over 10 years of brand experience for major corporations, small companies and freelance projects for research firms, and proven success working with diverse cross-functional teams to develop global designer, celebrity and lifestyle brands (commercial and niche) across complex models of multi-tiered distribution.

With a passion for creative marketing and brand development, experience in initial white space exploratory through post-launch execution, her success and dedication is strengthened by a unique, natural curiosity and cognitive approach drawn from psychology, anthropology and marketing education at Brandeis University and NYU.

She is proficient in project management, operations, trained in Lean Six Sigma (yellow belt) and experienced in ideation and global product development with certificates from FIT and Pratt Institute.