We see the big picture and can “link up” and convert new market-ideas into profitable outcomes and forge successful relationships between many people in business –in a most efficient way. 

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And the full palette of traditional and digital media needs!

Advisory: identifying and establishing cross border industry specific alliances, partnerships & venture capital development.

Marketing-Communications: brand positioning, content creation and messaging to transform a great idea into a resonant story.

Communications: ideation, messaging & creative development across all media including writing or restructuring of marketing & business plans, investor decks, elevator pitches,.

Digital Marketing: To promote products and services.

E-commerce: development of online marketing campaigns in social and mobile to see what new channels can be undertaken to boost ecommerce efforts.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Systems): Development of all in one system to manage and integrate financials, supply chain, operations, purchasing, inventory, reporting, manufacturing, human resources and almost anything a company needs to go beyond current business processes.

New Existing Product Development: idea generation, screening, concept development, product development and commercialization.

Business Process Mapping: Development of a management tool to visually depict the flow of work and execution through automation including warehouse & manufacturing, logistics, finance/accounting, content management, applications, networking, databases, infrastructure and messaging/telephony).

Exclusive Private Meetings, Events & Experiential: fact finding trips, executive visits, investment summits, forums, press conferences and corporate receptions.

Social Media: Compiling social data to help make business decisions on how to prioritize time and money spent on social channels based on audience behavior and engagement.

Visual Communications: Web design, interactive media, branding, graphics, logo, and identity design.

Web Development: programming, and new informational UX/UI patterns (user experience & user interface design).