aboutuz Is a game changer for both users & brands.


Based on a bold concept & innovative platform, it disrupts the current online model – where the user is the marketable product – and flips full control to the user to share & monetize their personal details on their own terms. It also allows brands & advertisers to have unprecedented access to first-party personal data directly from the users.

The aboutuz app is self-funded to date. We are conducting a financial round open for new investors. If you are interested, please s-mail me at eliz@ebaylesassociates.com

We are currently implementing a new interactive & gamified UX/UI design based on recommendations specifically developed for aboutuz by a leading global digital media agency who believes in aboutuz’ success and are interested in aboutuz as a potential future marketing tool for some of their luxury brand clients.

This is in progress – ready for implementation in May 2021.
Stay tuned!!!!