aboutuz Is a game changer for both users & brands.


Based on a bold concept & innovative platform, it disrupts the current online model – where the user is the marketable product – and flips full control to the user to share & monetize their personal details on their own terms. It also allows brands & advertisers to have unprecedented access to first-party personal data directly from the users.

The aboutuz app is self-funded to date. We are conducting a financial round open for new investors. If you are interested, please s-mail me at eliz@ebaylesassociates.com

We are currently implementing a new interactive & gamified UX/UI design based on recommendations specifically developed for aboutuz by a leading global digital media agency who believes in aboutuz’ success and are interested in aboutuz as a potential future marketing tool for some of their luxury brand clients.

This is in progress – ready for implementation in May 2021.
Stay tuned!!!!

The Windsor Energy Group (WEG)

The Windsor Energy Group (WEG) collborate on U.S.-U.K. green initiatives with business leaders, environmental advocates and technology innovators from across all industries– chaired by Lord David Howell, former UK Secretary of State for Transport and Energy.–WEG’s annual weekend is hosted by special invitation only at St George’s in Windsor Castle.

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Also, in collaboration with the Windsor Energy Group, developing a concept for a Sustainability Council, comprised of a richly diverse multi-stakeholder public-private cooperation across all industries. The focus on promoting an action-oriented set of proven & implemented sustainability solutions & systemic initiatives appropriate to each industry, footprint, geography, assets, and people. For more information or to become a member, please contact eliz@ebaylesassociates.com