Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Ben Gurion University


What struck us the most about the BGU scientists and consultants we interviewed at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, (BGU) a public research university in Beer-Sheva, Israel, was their need to respect cultural and traditional differences in order to insure success of their projects– to build competence and skills for survival through inter-University programs and cooperation—in Kazakhstan, Argentina, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya and the Palestinian Authority.”Lord (George) Weidnefeld asked us to find an interesting way to spotlight the cutting-edge solutions developed by BGU. He was a British publisher, newspaper columnist and philanthropist on good terms with popes, prime ministers, presidents. We were inspired to develop “In Search of Solutions” –a one-hour film concept for television–to chronicle their “practical humanitarianism” as world leaders of the next millennium in the field of technology, agriculture and sustainable development of human resources.

Secured $4.5 Million for Matchcraft

A Media Solutions Company

Venture building for Matchcraft a startup venture. We initiated dialogues with pre-eminent investment bankers to source $4.5 million in Series A financing to capitalize future growth.See more

Chief Executive Magazine Forum

Read by 40 ,000 CEOs & Board Members

Chief Executive’s highly interactive & inclusive forums. We liaised with key political leaders and matched up CEOs of global companies with their foreign counterparts to pave the way for multi-million dollar deals, alliances and long term investment n the emerging markets.

With a very limited budget and a mindset open to all the possibilities, we created from scratch the center-piece of Chief Executive Magazine –in the former USSR, Russia, (Perestroika) Mexico, (NAFTA) Germany (Reunification) Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic.

Our mantra was to ignite ideas and collaboration between all the counterparts and build strong relationships of mutual benefit. We first travelled to Moscow with only a list of names of potential U.S. and European participants. In the world of social dynamics, referrals are gold. To meet our goals, we had the good fortune to forge a mutually successful alliance with Vladimir Scherbakov, former first deputy prime minister of the USSR, and founder of the International Investment and Privatization Fund to co-create the first significant meeting in Russia. In Mexico, a key advisor to Televisa’s Emilio Azcarraga, opened many doors to top Mexican CEOS and government leaders to collaborate on the forum in San Miguel de Allende. We continued to build strong relationships of mutual benefit in other countries.

Focus Magazine


FOCUS, a major German weekly news magazine – we worked alongside Helmut Markwort to create the first signature launch at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland – to 300 global leaders, including Microsoft’s Bill Gates

The official consensus of the German public was “this guy Markwort must be mad”: 54 attempts and 54 failures had been made to challenge Der Spiegel’s long standing monopoly to create a second German weekly news magazine .

Only his publisher Hubert Burda had the belief in this dream. We worked alongside Helmut Markwort, founder and editor in chief of FOCUS, to effectively position the magazine at signature events in New York City at the Metropolitan Museum and in Davos at the prestigious World Economic Forum – to establish contact with more than 300 global leaders, including Microsoft’s Bill Gates, WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell and Dell’s Michael Dell. Two hours after its launch, FOCUS sold out on the newsstands! It was considered one of the most successful launches ever.

Steven Spielberg, Shoah Foundation Interactive CD-ROM

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Steven Spielberg, the Shoah Foundation and Germany’s Agent of Change, Dr. Hubert Burda, Hubert Burda Media – we strategically initiated a collaboration to launch the first interactive educational CD-ROM campaign against antisemitism, racism, bigotry and intolerance to over 500 global leaders in Berlin, Germany.

Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and Winona Ryder, it engages students in an examination of racism, hatred, and anti-Semitism to promote tolerance. According to Steven Spielberg, “to learn history, you must look in history’s eye,” and we were inspired to present the CD-ROM in Germany, first to young people at a high school in Berlin. We acted as a liaison to facilitate a joint cooperation between members of the German government, the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the Shoah Foundation and Hubert Burda Media to develop a highly publicized and historic two-day event attended by Mr. Spielberg and 500 global business leaders.

trovicor Mexican Market Launch

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trovicor a world leaders of cyber & intelligence solutions. We top positioned their unique offerings to governments in various geographies, including establishing a partnership with a prominent group in Mexico as a distributor for potential significant revenue growth.    

With a strong foothold in 35 countries around the world, the company was completely unknown in Mexico and faced off against some big names/major contenders, with deep extensive relationships. We facilitated and oversaw several areas of cooperation to “top position” its unique technology offerings and created a myriad of successful customer/partner/investor relationships in Mexico. We were very confident we could make this partnership happen. Our team comprised of experts and consultants who worked alongside former President of Mexico and high profile Mexican business leaders, initiated and accelerated effective dialogues with political and business leaders, including the telecom sector, and we involved them when they could add value to the client’s needs.