trovicor Mexican Market Launch

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trovicor a world leaders of cyber & intelligence solutions. We top positioned their unique offerings to governments in various geographies, including establishing a partnership with a prominent group in Mexico as a distributor for potential significant revenue growth.    

With a strong foothold in 35 countries around the world, the company was completely unknown in Mexico and faced off against some big names/major contenders, with deep extensive relationships. We facilitated and oversaw several areas of cooperation to “top position” its unique technology offerings and created a myriad of successful customer/partner/investor relationships in Mexico. We were very confident we could make this partnership happen. Our team comprised of experts and consultants who worked alongside former President of Mexico and high profile Mexican business leaders, initiated and accelerated effective dialogues with political and business leaders, including the telecom sector, and we involved them when they could add value to the client’s needs.

The Windsor Energy Group (WEG)

The Windsor Energy Group (WEG) collborate on U.S.-U.K. green initiatives with business leaders, environmental advocates and technology innovators from across all industries– chaired by Lord David Howell, former UK Secretary of State for Transport and Energy.–WEG’s annual weekend is hosted by special invitation only at St George’s in Windsor Castle.

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Also, in collaboration with the Windsor Energy Group, developing a concept for a Sustainability Council, comprised of a richly diverse multi-stakeholder public-private cooperation across all industries. The focus on promoting an action-oriented set of proven & implemented sustainability solutions & systemic initiatives appropriate to each industry, footprint, geography, assets, and people. For more information or to become a member, please contact