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Your 5 seconds of fame!

We’re super proud to have partnered with many”game-changing” startup ventures over the past 15 years.

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Although the human attention span is now estimated at 8 seconds, from our experience, you actually only have 5 seconds before an investor or a customer is tempted to watch a cat video rather than read your pitch deck or browse through your web-pages.

Also, most investors invest in People, Not Ideas. People are the most important element in a new venture. Building a team is not the esoteric work of destiny and planetary alignment, but the result of hard work, lots of empathy and proper testing.

And your idea must stand out. In as much as investors invest in people not ideas, you must make a brilliant pitch and establish an immediate case to convince him or her that your team is good enough to take that idea to market. Remember you’ve got 5 seconds.

Elizabeth Bayles Associates works alongside our clients to supplement their in-house teams with our senior experts rich in explicit knowledge, and helps them get prepared, creating all the necessary assets to become much more attractive to obtain funding, go into the world and start connecting with potential startup investors.

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