Chief Executive Magazine Forum

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Chief Executive’s highly interactive & inclusive forums. We liaised with key political leaders and matched up CEOs of global companies with their foreign counterparts to pave the way for multi-million dollar deals, alliances and long term investment n the emerging markets.

With a very limited budget and a mindset open to all the possibilities, we created from scratch the center-piece of Chief Executive Magazine –in the former USSR, Russia, (Perestroika) Mexico, (NAFTA) Germany (Reunification) Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic.

Our mantra was to ignite ideas and collaboration between all the counterparts and build strong relationships of mutual benefit. We first travelled to Moscow with only a list of names of potential U.S. and European participants. In the world of social dynamics, referrals are gold. To meet our goals, we had the good fortune to forge a mutually successful alliance with Vladimir Scherbakov, former first deputy prime minister of the USSR, and founder of the International Investment and Privatization Fund to co-create the first significant meeting in Russia. In Mexico, a key advisor to Televisa’s Emilio Azcarraga, opened many doors to top Mexican CEOS and government leaders to collaborate on the forum in San Miguel de Allende. We continued to build strong relationships of mutual benefit in other countries.