Steven Spielberg, Shoah Foundation Interactive CD-ROM

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Steven Spielberg, the Shoah Foundation and Germany’s Agent of Change, Dr. Hubert Burda, Hubert Burda Media – we strategically initiated a collaboration to launch the first interactive educational CD-ROM campaign against antisemitism, racism, bigotry and intolerance to over 500 global leaders in Berlin, Germany.

Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and Winona Ryder, it engages students in an examination of racism, hatred, and anti-Semitism to promote tolerance. According to Steven Spielberg, “to learn history, you must look in history’s eye,” and we were inspired to present the CD-ROM in Germany, first to young people at a high school in Berlin. We acted as a liaison to facilitate a joint cooperation between members of the German government, the Central Council of Jews in Germany, the Shoah Foundation and Hubert Burda Media to develop a highly publicized and historic two-day event attended by Mr. Spielberg and 500 global business leaders.