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aboutuz Is a game changer for both users & brands.


Based on a bold concept & innovative platform, it disrupts the current online model – where the user is the marketable product – and flips full control to the user to share & monetize their personal details on their own terms. It also allows brands & advertisers to have unprecedented access to first-party personal data directly from the users.

The aboutuz app is self-funded to date. We are conducting a financial round open for new investors. If you are interested, please s-mail me at

We are currently implementing a new interactive & gamified UX/UI design based on recommendations specifically developed for aboutuz by a leading global digital media agency who believes in aboutuz’ success and are interested in aboutuz as a potential future marketing tool for some of their luxury brand clients.

This is in progress – ready for implementation in May 2021.
Stay tuned!!!!

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Ben Gurion University


What struck us the most about the BGU scientists and consultants we interviewed at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, (BGU) a public research university in Beer-Sheva, Israel, was their need to respect cultural and traditional differences in order to insure success of their projects– to build competence and skills for survival through inter-University programs and cooperation—in Kazakhstan, Argentina, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya and the Palestinian Authority.”Lord (George) Weidnefeld asked us to find an interesting way to spotlight the cutting-edge solutions developed by BGU. He was a British publisher, newspaper columnist and philanthropist on good terms with popes, prime ministers, presidents. We were inspired to develop “In Search of Solutions” –a one-hour film concept for television–to chronicle their “practical humanitarianism” as world leaders of the next millennium in the field of technology, agriculture and sustainable development of human resources.

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Your 5 seconds of fame!

We’re super proud to have partnered with many”game-changing” startup ventures over the past 15 years.

Last Minute "Clock showing five to twelve. Last minute,stress concept." Clock Stock Photo

Although the human attention span is now estimated at 8 seconds, from our experience, you actually only have 5 seconds before an investor or a customer is tempted to watch a cat video rather than read your pitch deck or browse through your web-pages.

Also, most investors invest in People, Not Ideas. People are the most important element in a new venture. Building a team is not the esoteric work of destiny and planetary alignment, but the result of hard work, lots of empathy and proper testing.

And your idea must stand out. In as much as investors invest in people not ideas, you must make a brilliant pitch and establish an immediate case to convince him or her that your team is good enough to take that idea to market. Remember you’ve got 5 seconds.

Elizabeth Bayles Associates works alongside our clients to supplement their in-house teams with our senior experts rich in explicit knowledge, and helps them get prepared, creating all the necessary assets to become much more attractive to obtain funding, go into the world and start connecting with potential startup investors.

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